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Rules at Our School / Skool Reëls


The Berg-Op Academy staff will continue to present methods of strong and consistent discipline, which will result in a high level of positive student behaviour. This includes self-discipline, respect for authority and for peers, good self-image and positive attitudes towards education, life and society.

We believe students learn in an orderly atmosphere. We encourage parental support in maintaining a positive climate at Berg-Op Academy. We want to teach our learners the value of the following reasonable rules and to help them to understand that there are consequences when rules are not followed. As we modify our rules and discipline procedures, parents/guardians will be informed.

All learners at Berg-Op Academy have certain rights, but in order to protect these rights for all learners, certain responsibilities must also be accepted. We believe that with parental support, our learners will be successful in not only upholding their rights, but behaving in a responsible manner.

A few words about discipline at Berg-Op Akademie



As a learner at Berg-Op Academy

I …

Have the right to be happy and treated with respect in this school.
Have the responsibility to not laugh at others or to hurt their feelings.
Have the right to be safe in this school.
Have the responsibility not to be aggressive in any way.
Have the right to hear and to be heard in this school.
Have the responsibility to listen to others and wait my turn to be heard.
Have the right to learn in this school and to be free to express my feelings, opinions and ideas.
Have the right to a reasonable amount of teacher attention and help when I need it in this school.
Have the responsibility to respect the right of others by not being demanding and using self-control.
Have the right to use materials and property of this school.
Have the responsibility to respect people and their property and to share what is ours.

Scholar Rights and Responsibilities at Berg-Op Akademie


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