Berg-Op Akademie
Berg-Op Academy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the school offer any after school sports activities?
A: Yes. Netball, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Athletics and Archery.  Since there are only a few learners in our school, we sometimes have to team up with other schools to form full teams.

Q: How many teachers are there in the school?
A: 19

Q: How many students in the school?
A: 174

Q: What subjects does the school offer?
A:  Gr. 1-3 = Afrikaans medium
     Gr. 4-12 = English medium
     Afrikaans / English / German foreign language
     Biology(HL, OL)- Gr. 11-12
     Physical Science (HL, OL) – Gr. 11-12
     Mathematics – Core/Extended/HL
     Bussiness Studies – OL/HL
     Computer Studies – Gr. 8-10 + Gr. 11-12 = OL
     Geography – Gr. 8-10 + Gr. 11-12 = OL, HL
     Life Skills
     Accounting – Gr. 8-10 + Gr.11-12 (OL, HL)
     Physical Science & Life Science – Gr. 8-10
*HL – Higher Level
*OL – ordinary Level

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What do our classrooms look like?

High School

High School

Grade 2

Grade 2

Grade 2

Grade 1

German Class

Computer Class